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The Wanderer is a predominantly single-narrator queer fairy tale audio drama about being separated from the ones you love to keep them safe, to bring them home. It will delight fantasy fans and audio fiction fans alike, especially those who enjoy books like Silver in the Woods, and podcasts like Old Gods of Appalachia and The Far Meridian. Each episode also features an original folk song and score.

The show will premier May 3rd, 2021, and new episodes will be released every other Monday for the 7 episode series.

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The Wanderer was created by T.H. Ponders and Jordan Stillman. Artwork by V. Silverman and Olivia Li.

Vocal Talent for The Wanderer:

  • The Wanderer, T.H. Ponders
  • The Forest, Jeanette Berry
  • Andrew, Adam Qutaishat

Fireside Folktales was created by Dallas Wheatley. Season 2, The Target, will be released August 2021.

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