Episode 279: Blood Markers For Better Performance With Dr. Gil Blander


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Welcome back to the fitness wellness and longevity podcast
If you are new to the podcast, Fitness Wellness, and Longevity is all about optimize the health and performance of the ageless athlete. We interview tons of different guests from the fitness, nutrition, and wellness community, so if you are in to those types of things, please subscribe!
In today’s episode, my special guest is Dr. Gil Blander. Dr. Blander is an expert in blood biometrics and applying the wisdom of the blood to unlock longevity and resilience in sport. He leads a team of biology, nutrition & exercise physiology experts at InsideTracker (www.insidetracker.com) .
In today’s conversation Dr. Blander shares the origins of inside tracker, how someone would get started, what information you can get from your blood, how to use biometrics to improve your performance and longevity, and we finish up with recommendations to improve your health from Dr. Blander’s analysis of thousands of data points.
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