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Being hailed as “Sex and the City for Food,” The Food Heals Podcast brings together experts in the field of nutrition, health and healing to teach you the best-kept natural secrets to being a hotter, healthier, happier YOU! The Food Heals Podcast is hosted by Allison Melody with guest co-hosts like Suzy Hardy, Leslie Durso, Whitney Lauritsen, Sophie Uliano and more – all self-proclaimed natural chicks who will rock your world and change your beliefs about health! This sexy, savvy show provides eco-friendly advice on a variety of issues including the healing power of nutrition, living authentically, turning your passion into your career, choosing the best natural health and beauty products, the benefits of a plant-based diet and so much more! Past notable Food Heals Podcast guests include's Michael Greger, The Universe Has Your Back Author Gabby Bernstein, The Miracle Morning Author Hal Elrod, NBA Champion & Vegan Activist John Salley, The McDougall Program Author Dr. McDougall, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead Director Joe Cross, What The Health Directors Kip Andersen & Keegan Kuhn, Producer & TV Personality Tracey Edmonds, America’s Healthy Doc, Dr. Joel Kahn, Radio Host & TV Personality Kerri Kasem, Proteinaholic Author Dr. Garth Davis, A Tribe Called Bliss Author Lori Harder Fitness Expert Ben Greenfield, The Food Babe Vani Hari, Born For This Author Chris Guillebeau, Entrepreneurs On Fire John Lee Dumas & Kate Erickson, Eaternity Author & Host of How to Live to 100, Jason Wrobel, and Producer & Wellness expert Kimberly Van Der Beek, just to name a few.

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