How Actually Listening to Customers Can Uncover Huge Opportunities, with Jägermeister's Chas Littlefield


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On the show today, we have Chas Littlefield, VP of Marketing for one of the largest spirit brands in the world: Jägermeister.

As a heavy hitter in the industry, Jägermeister is recognized across the globe, in just about every country. New product launches aside, brand awareness isn’t necessarily the main challenge at Jäger’s scale. the question instead becomes “how do you influence the way consumers think or feel about a brand they already know,” or at least think they know.

In our conversation, Chas and I discuss some of Jäger's recent campaigns and innovations, all of which bring different use cases of the product to the forefront. Jäger’s marketing team has done a great job highlighting the unique strengths of their product by identifying and leaning into how consumers are actually behaving.

We discuss the campaigns from insight to execution, how they’ve adapted the ideas to a changing wine and spirits landscape, and plenty of the learnings in between.

It’s not everyday you get to learn from a marketing legend, discussing one of the most recognizable brands in the world. Joining us out of New York, we're excited to welcome Chas Littlefield.

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