How to bring data insights into your culture -- Katie Johnson, Marketing Manager at Platypus


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02:40 - Data makes content more exciting

13:16 - Breaking down data into content and actionable tasks
17:50 - The hardest part of creating content based on data

24:00 - Why the product and marketing team should work together, and what opportunity is being missed

26:30 - Data is not interesting to everyone

29:30 - How Platypus never runs out of data

34:00 - Brainstorming content

Katie Johnson is the Marketing Manager at Platypus, an HR tech startup with a mission to reinvent the future of work by prioritizing company culture. Katie started her career in marketing in 2017 and previously led the marketing activity at the award-winning search and behavioral science agency, Reflect Digital, supporting the company's ambitious growth and revenue targets.

Bringing data into your culture can help your team craft better content, which leads to successful marketing campaigns.


  1. Content is king, and data is the castle
  2. Change and adapt your content strategy, and focus on the key data findings
  3. Helping people see the actual benefit of your product can help increase the traffic on your website
  4. Writers love it when you have proven data
  5. Creating content that is backed up by data is a huge authority builder
  6. Data can help you get more backlinks which in return helps to boost your SEO
  7. Too much branding can hurt your content


  1. Gather data
  2. Identify the patterns, themes, and correlation
  3. Blend the data into your content strategy
  4. Work with your team to figure out the content theme
  5. Make the content digestible and easy to read
  6. Review how the content performs


  1. Work closely with your data scientist
  2. Make the data interesting for your audience
  3. Jump into your audience's shoes and see if it’s valuable to them
  4. Ask your customers what data they want to see

Platypus is an HR and recruitment tool that measures cultural drivers of people across the organization to help you qualify decisions on hiring and managing your culture. Learn more at

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