394: Treating Businesses as Machines with Karl Alomar of M13


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Success seems to follow Karl Alomar wherever he goes. He doesn’t attribute this to magic or luck but to identifying repeatable business patterns that lead to financial growth. After selling his second company, Karl helped build one of the fastest-growing cloud infrastructure companies from the ground up. Now he’s partnering with companies like Lyft, Ring, and SpaceX to help them financially and operationally reach success.

Listen to Nate and Karl discuss:

  • How he built China Export Finance to 9-figures in 4 years
  • Being underwritten by AIG during the 2008 financial crisis
  • How Digital Ocean went from an “operational disaster” to the “Best Place to Work” in New York City
  • Why M13 works more hands-on with founders
  • Why founder success leads to economic success
  • Why the most valuable hire is a head of talent
  • Why does he refer to businesses as machines
  • And much more advice for founders…

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