Wrighster Or Wrong - Sports Illustrated Paradise, Jim Jordan/Portnoy, Top 5, Kyrie +Nets + Lakers, Jaylon Ferguson


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On this Episode of Wrighster or Wrong, George Wrighster and Ralph Amsden talk about Sports Illustrated's proposal to build a giant casino resort on the Mississippi coast. Also on today's show the guys react to Congressman Jim Jordan invoking the name of Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy in his inquisition of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Ralph thinks Goodell got caught in a lie, while George compares Goodell's response to the way LeBron James treats Skip Bayless. In today's Top 5 segment, George and Ralph go through their Top 5 Superhero characters. Kyrie Irving's name has been linked to the LA Lakers, so George tries to come up with plausible trade scenarios that could see Irving in Purple and Gold next season. Last up, Ralph talks about the news of the death of Jaylon Ferguson, and the tendency of people on social media to immediately question the vaccine status of any celebrity that passes away. #fsrweekends

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