Joanna Williams - Women vs Feminism


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Joanna Williams is the author of 'Women vs Feminism', 'Academic Freedom in an Age of Conformity' and 'Consuming Higher Education, Why Learning Can't Be Bought'. She is a columnist for Spiked and writes regularly for The Times, The Spectator and American Conservative. She is the founder of the think tank Cieo and director of the Freedom, Democracy and Victimhood Project at Civitas.

We had a refreshingly honest conversation about why she wrote 'Women vs Feminism', why the gender pay gap is complex, victim culture and why feminists should have a problem with masks. She's clear-thinking and courageous, not contrarian, and I recommend you listen to challenge your views on feminism.



Her freethinking recommendation: The book ‘The Rise of Victimhood Culture: Microaggressions, Safe Spaces, and the New Culture Wars’, (2018) by sociologists Bradley Campbell and Jason Manning - really helps explain some of the cultural shifts taking place in society right now.

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