Kirsty Brimelow - 'Our rights are being pulled away by stealth'


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I interviewed Kirsty Brimelow QC in her Doughty Street Chambers. She has a stellar career in human rights, criminal and public law and a string of successes and awards. She become one of my early lockdown heroes when I read about her work in identifying and overturning wrongful convictions under the UK Lockdown regulations, starting with the very first conviction Marie Dinou. We talked about the UK’s Lockdown Regulations, what they mean for us, how the government keeps confusing law and ‘rules’/guidance and the public service she has undertaken by trying to overturn wrongful convictions. ‘We have become too used to being a liberal democratic country and our rights are being pulled away by stealth.’ Kirsty Brimelow QC: . Liberty in Lockdown: . Please support Freethinking on Patreon:

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