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The fight for a slice of the Transportation Bill pie is as fierce as a Florentine gladiator match. The argument for an efficient transportation system is not new. But it’s more than roads and bridges. Ports need to take a priority. These locations are the points of origin processing over 90-percent of the world’s trade. The ports are the funnel in the flow of trade. It makes sense to make sure this funnel has no cracks so trade can flow smoothly through the entire pipeline of trade. But if you want to wait for the federal government to be the savior of transportation you are going to be waiting for a long, long, time. To get something done sooner rather than later, nothing is better than a public, private partnership. It’s the best of both worlds.

Jack Hedge - Executive Director, Utah Inland Port Authority, Salt Lake City, UT

Andrew Scott - CEO, QuayChain, Los Angleles, CA

Lori-Ann LaRocco - Writer, Freightwaves - West Milford, NJ

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