64: Bent out of shape with dancer Suzie Davies


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Suzie Davies (48) is a choreographer, award winning dancer, and teacher from Leeds (this episode is therefore in english). Suzie holds a degree in contemporary dance and choreography at The London Contemporary Dance School from 1990. She has lived and worked in Scandinavia since 1992. Soon Suzie is going to be part of CODA, Oslo International dance festival (16th until 26th of october). Suzie is part of the project “Diverse Nordic voices” which is a two-year mentor program with six dance artist with functional variations. Suzie has “Rheumatoid Arthritis” which is a chronic illness. In this episode Hanna talks to Suzie about how life as a dancer is affected by having a physical disability, what Suzie has learned from almost 30 years in the business and how it is to go from being a freelancer to starting your own company, together with your life partner. Intervjuet av Hanna von Bergen

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