Yonder Alonso On Life As An All-Star, Adapting To America & More


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Yonder Alonso left the University of Miami an All-American, two-time participant in the College World Series, and first-round pick who’d go on to sign a $4.55 million contract with the Reds. Without some wise foresight and guidance from his parents, he might’ve left the school a week into his freshman year, or not even attended at all.

Alonso is the latest guest on From Phenom To The Farm. They talk...

  • Baseball helping him adapt to life in America after defecting from Cuba as a child.
  • Being persuaded by parents to attend Miami instead of sign.
  • Playing in the College World Series twice
  • Trying to learn the outfield while being blocked by Joey Votto at 1st.
  • Playing in his only ASG in his hometown of Miami.

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