177. Glyphosate: how it's harming you


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On this week’s podcast, Paul does a deep dive on all things Glyphosate. He also touches on the dangers of PFAS, more reasons not to eat kale (Thallium), and why Genistein, found in soy and bean products, may be harmful for male hormones.

A note from Paul: Throughout my training and practice as a physician I have come to one very disappointing conclusion: Western medicine isn’t helping people lead better lives. Now that I’ve realized this, I’ve become obsessed with understanding what makes us healthy or ill. I want to live the best life I can and I want to be able to share this knowledge with others so that they can do the same. This podcast is the result of my relentless search to understand the roots of chronic disease. If you want to know how to live the most radical life possible I hope you’ll join me on this journey.

Time Stamps:

00:09:15 Podcast begins

00:12:40 Are you eating Glyphosate in your “natural” foods? Does glyphosate cause cancer?

00:22:00 Thoughts on oats, grains and wheat

00:24:45 Glyphosate in beer and wine

00:26:05 Are pesticides really an issue?

00:30:30 Is organic food really better?

00:32:20 The science behind glyphosate

00:36:58 The importance of eating grass-finished beef

00:38:50 Research on glyphosate/RoundUp

00:56:20 Problems with soy and beans (Genistein + Glyphosate)

00:59:53 Get your glyphosate levels checked

01:00:35 The problems with kale

01:03:50 The contamination of kale with heavy metals (Thallium)

01:08:43 Summary of glyphosate awareness

01:11:52 Actionable steps to lower glyphosate exposure


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