Episode 18: The Royals 2018 Draft Haul, Minor League Pay & Pitch Clocks + Extended Mailbag Episode


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Ben and Carlos talk about the college pitching heavy Royals 2018 draft class and how that group recently accomplished an impressive feat. The two then discuss the #FairBall protest over the weekend and talk a bit about the depressing state of minor league pay and whether or not pitch clocks are effective without being disruptive to the game. After that, the two talk about a recent story about Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman and his play at all costs mentality and how they might create issues before diving into an extended mailbag segment with plenty of listener questions.

Time Stamps:

-Opening banter (0:00:03)

-Royals 2018 draft class (0:07:36)

-How we pronounce stats like OPS+, wRC+, wOBA, etc. (0:19:50)

-#FairBall protest and MiLB pay (0:25:19)

-Thoughts on the pitch clock (0:35:43)

-Freddie Freeman’s always play mentality (0:42:18)

-Mailbag (0:49:49)


-Rany Jazayerli’s tweet on the Royals 2018 draft class

-Brittany Ghiroli on the MiLB #FairBall story

-Jayson Stark’s pitch clock story

-JJ Cooper’s pitch clock story

-Hannah Keyser’s Freddie Freeman story

-Josh Norris’s story on 30 prospects who improved their stock in 2021

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