Episode 19: The 2022 Draft Order, Jupiter Preview & Thoughts On The MLB Playoff Structure


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Ben and Carlos talk about Bobby Witt Jr. being named the BA Minor League Player of the Year and how there seem to be no obvious flaws in his game. After that, the two discuss the 2022 draft order being set (at least for the time being) and talk a little bit about how Baltimore’s draft strategy in the past could line up with a 2022 draft class that looks strong on college bats, but lacks a clear 1-1 player at the moment. After that, the two talk about whether or not they like the current draft system and what changes might be better, and wonder if the new CBA will bring changes to the draft next year and in the future. Then the two talk about the upcoming Perfect Game WWBA World Championship—better known as Jupiter—which is one of the biggest amateur events of the year. Finally, the two discuss whether or not they like the current MLB playoff structure and the pros and cons that come with it.

Time Stamps

  • Opening banter (0:00:01)
  • Bobby Witt Jr. MiLB Player of the Year (0:01:50)
  • The 2022 draft order (0:09:57)
  • D-backs track record of top 3 picks (0:14:28)
  • Thoughts on the current draft structure (0:17:51)
  • Thoughts on how the draft will change in the CBA (0:28:33)
  • Jupiter! (0:30:48)
  • The MLB Playoff Structure (01:07:39)


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