#406: Why the Right to Disconnect is a Bad Idea (solosode)


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The central idea behind the right to disconnect is that employees don’t have to take calls or read emails after work hours.

It’s a well-intentioned proposal, buoyed on by increasing workplace stress. A report by NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety) found that workplace stress is attributable to excessive workload, people issues, and work-life balance conflicts.

But the right to disconnect is a half-baked solution to a poorly diagnosed problem, one that could do more harm than good.

In this solo-sode, I explore why the right to disconnect is a bad idea, and what we should pursue instead.

Show Notes:

  1. Online course: https://bit.ly/timerichculture
  2. Article: https://www.thehrdirector.com/features/future-of-work/why-the-right-to-disconnect-is-a-bad-idea/

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