Episode #402: Reinvent the Way You Work with Jonas Altman


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Jonas Altman is a workologist who guides companies to leave politics and posturing behind in favor of transparent and trusting cultures. He is the founder of award-winning design practice Social Fabric, Altman coaches leaders to do their very best work and travels the world tirelessly learning and speaking about the changing nature of work. His chronicles have appeared in The Guardian, Quartz, Fast Company, The Telegraph, and The Sunday Times.

As two people who have walked similar paths and though extensively about the nature of work, this was a really fun conversation. We unpacked why so many people are actively disengaged at work, the role of purpose in our lives, the tendency to derive too much identity from our work at the expense of other pursuits, the role of autonomy and short feedback loops when it comes to motivation, the remote work reset button, universal basic income, biological predispositions, and a whole bunch more, so strap yourself in for my conversation with Jonas Altman.

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