ENERGY MEDICINE - Kathleen Karlsen - 3.30.2019 - Show #894


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Track 1:


What got her here

Blossoming second half of life

Reaching out to others public presentations. Nervous.

  • Shakti: Energy behind life - Goddess Energy
  • Bliss: When energy flows - this is what you feel
  • Kirtan: Musical gathering (call + response)
    • sanskril

How to bring positive energy into your life

  • Family
  • Relationship
  • Work

Start Track 2: 22:43

Track 2:

Kathleen waking up early to chant somewhere in nature

Eventually buying a harmonium

  • practicing in pantry under stairs

Kathleen explaining Harmonium

  • BEHVA - Company
    • get it tuned

Start Track 3: 46:57

Track 3:

Talking about her art

Painting that looked like a spine (unhealthy)

  • Didn't want to put it "out"
    • Ended up "cutting" spine out - her back healed!

What are mantras - spiritual "tag" line

  • Spiritual formula for
    • peace
    • freedom
    • healing

M Sanskrit: one of earliest languages

  • Rishis: Hindu Sages
    • Particular mantras are for specific parts of the body
    • songs for devotion

Call about smelling "aromas" while doing Kirtan

  • Kathleen has experienced "hearing extra 'sounds/voices'"

Start Track 4: 1:08:42

Track 4:

How to react to people who are very "Christian"

Kirtan Band also signs gospel and hymns

  • Krishna DAS - Grandfather of Kirtan
  • Whomever you sing about: all are part of God
  • Including rivers, mountains, different names for the same "thing"

Jacobus's experience with his first Kirtan Session

Physical healing in thyroid

  • after 20 years on medication - no more!
  • Throat Chakra - Speaking "your voice"

Chanting is like "internal massage"

Chanting: slow to fast

Kathleen sings another song

  • "wishing all happiness & peace"

Start Track 5: 1:32:36

Track 5:

How did her husband Andrew get involved

Explaining Harmonium

Mantras effect on the brain

  • Helps produce Oxytocin, Dopamine & lowers stress hormones
    • Pineal
    • Pituitary
    • Thalamus
    • Hypothalamus

Explaining Hans Jenny (1949) and his work on showing that sound/frequency produces form

Start Track 6: 1:49:28

Track 6:

SHRI-jantra - very well known symbol connected to sound ohm

  • Probably inner attunement
    • Atlantis Contineint

French Chemist who worked with dyes to get best vibrancy

  • Miguel Chivarelle

Explaining music styles

  • Pokemon
  • Rock
  • Chant

Mozart Effect

  • Synesthesia
    • touch = connected to color (very individually)
    • tone = connected to color

Kathleen talks about why her life turned this way

  • teenager -Edgar Cayce - Ancient Temples of Egypt Musical Chamber

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