MT YEWTIP STORIES & RESEARCH - Rus Willis & Chelsea Buckner - 2018.12.15 - Show #879


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Track 1:

Introductions to:

  • The show
  • Rus Willis overview
  • Chelsea Buckner

Deeper story of Rus & how he got involved with YewTips.

Information on Taxol (1 of the elements in Taxanes)

Start Track 2: 20:57

Track 2:

Story of Mildred Nelson and Rus

How the tea changed from the bark to the tips

Call about bark harvest vs. sustainable harvest

Nann Vance: was publishing Yew Research

  • Realized that there were only water-soluble components of the tea

Development into capsules and tinctures

Call about Stomach Cancer and if Rus has cancer or why he is taking the Yew products himself

Yew Products and Anti-inflammatory properties and immunostimulant properties to the cold and flu

Start Track 3: 41:30

Track 3:

Questions about stomach cancer

  • 9 mL (3x3mL in mouth + swallow)

Tea has tannins in it - bitter component

Taxanes: also anti scarring properties

Taxol used on stints to prevent scar tissue from forming and causing further surgery

Use salve on wounds, cuts, & abrasions to help with healing time & scarring when you heal as well.

Continuous anecdotal stories

Rus story about dog “white out” getting stuck in blizzard while mountain lion hunting

  • Rushed to the vet after finding him 3 days later…
  • 1 degree from not surviving - loaded him up with heated intervenes liquid to raise his body temperature
  • Frostbitten paws - TWICE their normal size and near needing to be amputated
    • No pharmaceutical antidote for frostbite in vet world….
    • Used the Yew Salve out of desperation to see if it could do anything…
    • Did take a few months until he was able to go back to normal functionality again but still HUGE ability to use the salve

Start Track 4: 59:52

Track 4:

Minor technical difficulties but we made due!Rus continues his story about frostbitten hands and using Yew Salve from Track 3

Chelsea’s Family and their use of YewTip Salve and YewTip Oil

YewTip Salve for BABIES & any kind of rash!

Text about specific taxanes

Text about breathing problems

Anti inflammatory and HELPS with breathing

Text about specific Lung cancer

Non small-cell lung cancer respond well

  • 9 capsules/day
  • 3 with each meal WITH FOOD
  • Nebulizers with YewTea

Text about shelf life of powder

  • 3 years (industry standard)

Horse story about laminates - hoof disease

Start Track 5: 1:17:17

Track 5:

Call about small-cell lung cancer

Taxol is mixed with cream for (synthetic castor oil)- causes hair loss

Friend took 9 capsules/day - while doing chemo (didn’t tell the doctor about the capsules) & started gaining weight

What if Diarrhea

  • Stop for 1 week
  • Restart 1 capsule/day - 3 days
  • then move to 2 capsules/day for 3 day

Call about Colorectal Cancer

Text about cost of products

Start Track 6: 1:33:51

Track 6:

Call about arthritis & gut health

Chelsea talks about difference between Salve and Lotion

Text about how to use the salve

Text about boosting immune system with asthma for kiddos

Text about prostate enlargement

Rus plays the Yew-Tar

Rus explains benefits of taxanes on immune system

Suggested dosage of YewTip for animals:

Horses 800-1200 lbs for inflammation or cancer

  • 1 ounce YewTip tincture mixed with 1 cup applesauce and then added to grain ration 1x/day
  • EXTERNAL tumors: use YewTip Salve 2x/day

Cat's/Dogs Cancer and Inflammation

  • 1 mL YewTip oil for every 10 lbs of body weight mixed with soft food/day (1/2 for morning and night feedings)

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