RAISING OUR ENERGY IN THE NEW YEAR - Danielle Egnew & Sahara Devi - 2019.01.05 - Show #882


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Track 1:

Introductions to Danielle Egnew and Sahara Devi

Start Track 2: 20:44

Track 2:

"Fear Consciousness"

Fear is contracting energy - not giving people to become themselves

If we live in "fear" - deteriorates our immune system

Call about suicides

Discussion on the weight of "hopelessness"

Questions about abortions

Start Track 3: 41:32

Track 3:

Talking about FREQUENCY

We all know that frequency exists, so now we are actually responsible from now on

Danielle explains frequency in her work

Quantum Physics has proven frequency

Discussion about energy - love and responsibility to handle frequency

Start Track 4: 1:01:27

Track 4:

Jacobus is all about helping customers "understand" that they can heal!

If you want LOVE - become it, then send it out!

What is love?

  • Action Step: Tell someone today - a compliment

Call about a father with toddler son

Text about asking Danielle to share tools/steps towards raising your vibrations

  • Babystep: Pick 1 day a week to turn things around in your life.

Start Track 5: 1:24:19

Track 5:

Call about how to maintain balance when surrounded by negative persons

Sahara discusses "ignoring the negativity"

2019 is the year of reconstruction

Start Track 6: 1:43:43

Track 6:

When to engage in conversations or not to engage.

Being a "soundboard" versus being a "witness" to someone's processing our subconscious is our director

Old Wisdom:

  • we see things not as they are
  • we see things as WE are!

Call about scientific evidence

This is the "time of transformation"

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