BLUE SKY HEALING ARTS CENTER - Thomas Sexton - 5.25.2019 - Show #901


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Track 1:


Medicine today versus traditional medicine

  • Thomas's father was obstetrician
  • Thomas one of his first children given antibiotics
  • Pasteur: all cells are plyomorphic - they are always changing
    • How can you "treat" them
  • Western Medicine is only 120 years old

Effect of vaccinations

Ranked 38th in health in the world

  1. Air
  2. Water
  3. Minerals

After "treating" small pox - leukemia increased!

Orthodox medical society - is being challenged today

Dr. Voll measured energy in acupuncture points

Start Track 2: 22:35

Track 2:

30-40 years ago "healing" would happen in 10-12 days

  • today 60-120 days
    • One of the big causes is STRESS

What causes diseases today?

Call about lecture about pure vegan fixated on Chlorophyll

  • Dr. Endelin + Dr. Virginia-Livingston-Wheeler
  • Can Chlorophyll be overused?
    • ABSOLUTELY! All excess throws off body's ph and can cause all kinds of problems

Start Track 3: 44:34

Track 3:

Blood is not a steril environment

Chinese medicine is not linear, it works in circles

Call about food having different energies

  • why are some foods more healing than others?
  • Thomas: you cannot "eat" yourselves to heaven
  • Different factors play a role

Regarding superfoods - eat LOCAL foods!

Disease comes from outside-in!

Healing comes from inside-out!

Doctor's are changing antibiotics because they're not working diseases have changed from bacteria to viruses

Closest longevity food is close to "starvation"

  • air + water

Step 1: Learn to breathe

Start Track 4: 1:06:34

Track 4:

Thomas: we need to stay CONNECTED with nature and the earth - design your food for the function your body needs to perform

Call about what can we learn from long life civilizations?

DIET: it's more about what we "don't eat"

what is the role of germs in the body?

Lyme - thrives because of heavy metals

Netflix "Heal"

MD's license taken away because they are using natural medicine

Start Track 5: 1:29:03

Track 5:

Recap of Thomas's work


  • Blood pH
  • Health is freedom
  • Let the emotions speak

Call about deciding not to work with someone after an initial visit...

  • Thomas: you cannot add to a full cup
  • patients have to be willing to hear and heal
  • problems with root canals & osteomyolitic infections

German Doctor:

  1. Do you love yourself?
  2. Do you enjoy what you're doing?
  3. Do you have fun?

if you say no to any of this - he will not work with them...

Thomas: there is no complexity in the disease

There IS complexity in the patient

Anthony William - there is no autoimmune disease

Start Track 6: 1:51:42

Track 6:

Talking about Anthony William

We are all born as empaths - you take on your parent's stuff

Big Pharmaceuticals are getting too powerful - they are the push behind attacking natural health

Call about vitamin D3 - Vitamin D

Call about daughter with celiac - who now has intestinal issues in spite of GF diet

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