OXYGENATION & PH BALANCE - Burt Goulding Jr. - 6.15.2019 - Show #903


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Track 1:


The need for consistency

What is a plan for success

Start Track 2: 22:42

Track 2:

Why call it Positive Power Nutrition

Call about Alkaline forming foods - slight positive charge

Food by itself is not acid or alkaline, but it has an effect that is acid-forming or alkalizing

  1. water
  2. sunshine
  3. sleep
  4. food
  5. supplements

Cells of the body can lock down when the electricity shuts - down. Just like sliding doors in grocery stores will shut down when electricity fails.

Calls about Anthony William and autoimmune disease

Autoimmune = severe silica deficiency

Start Track 3: 44:58

Track 3:

The need for consistency

Call disturbances - our apologies

7.1 - 7.4 = healing range of saliva

  • urine = kidney or bone health

How to do the saliva test- strips

  • new 25 strips - need less saliva in plastic spoons

How about drinking water

  • what is good water and what to do about depleting minerals
  • Burt drinks distilled water
  • R.O. water also very low in minerals
    • distilled = 10% less minerals
  • 1 of top 10 reasons of death = dehydrated

Start Track 4: 1:05:47

Track 4:

Peer reviewed article about the need for water

  • It's not the food that we eat, because it takes very long to break down and get to where it is.

Articles: about resting versus sleep

  • Every hour from solar noon until sunset up to 3-hours is worth 4x as much than hours after midnight.

Call about silica supplements

  • often contain thiaminase - lower B1
  • NIH.gov - look for studies on silica more than vitamin C or any other nutrient

Start Track 5: 1:27:35

Track 5:

Reintroduction to Burt and show

Jacobus reflection of previous caller western vs all natural medicine

Text about how to get 1 gallon water per day

  • 16 oz - 32 oz spread out
  • Not drinking before - during - after a meal

Please explain how you explain oxygenation of the body

  • 25% through breathing
  • 75% through skin

Call about bone broth/collagen and add silica

  • brown rice + cabbage are excellent as silica source
  • but bone broth easier to assimilate

Start Track 6: 1:48:29

Track 6:

Text about drinking water + silica in BPA free bottle

Text construction worker - limited to WHEN they can drink

Studies on pH done in other countries/continents

In Europe - not calories on labels - but kilojoules - electricity measurements

Check pH balance consistency - 90% of all illnesses will go away

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