EAST MAIN MEDICAL CLINIC - Peter Sikoski - 7.13.2019 - Show #907


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Track 1:


What is a D.O. vs M.D. Discussion

Started in G.V. in 2001 at Bozeman Urgent Care

Call about wife visiting M.D.'s

Talk about the cost of medicine/drugs is out of control

Start Track 2: 23:56

Track 2:

Pete explains how they work with patients

How does Pete work with the hospital

What does it mean to have "hospital privileges"

What is a hospitalist?

Start Track 3: 46:20

Track 3:

Text about joint supplements

Discussion about the text

Call about joint pain and Yew Tip

Start Track 4: 1:05:29

Track 4:

Call about two products for pain/arthritis

Text about accepting medicine

Sprain: injury to ligament

Strain: injury to muscle

The major cause of Chronic Diseases:

  • Eating
  • Lack of Exercise
  • Stress-world
  • Smoking

Jacobus talks about processed food

Start Track 5: 1:27:19

Track 5:

Text about annual exams

Start Track 6: 1:47:05

Track 6:

Call about brain injury group and discussion on concussions

Question about Vagus Nerve and Autonomic dysfunction

Continue discussion on physicals

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