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Track 1:


The definition of health

  • old English - Health - almost a "verb"
  • health is different for different people

Jacobus reads his own quote

Burt: Fasting Saliva testing for pH

Balance: organs + muscles are in slightly acidic state

why NOT urine - testing

urine-test = good for kidney and bone health - it's deceptive

If out of balance

Start Track 2: 21:25

Track 2:

Call and discussion about disagrees with 3 foods Jacobus approves

Start Track 3: 44:19

Track 3:

Explaining Cell Power - fruits + vegetables

1949 Lee Reynolds in Colorado

  • experimenting Einstein's theory that if you breakdown matter - you increase its energy
  • Highest electrical potential on the subtle energy scale that affects everything alive
    • Gives power to the cells to do what it needs to do

How did Burt rediscover cell power & where it is sold - more in other countries

Start Track 4: 1:04:13

Track 4:

Jacobus recaps and explains frustration about current cancer therapies approach.

All the Disclaimers we have to make before we talk about cancer

Burt: replies with story about Pittsburg radio show going static when topic of cancer came up.

Biggest Medical Money Maker is kidney dialysis (1 Trillion $/year)

Jacobus talks about the Medical Paradigm which seems to stay behind the curve.

Burt talks about his experience working doctors in Southern California

Story about lady (in her 60's) who had stage 4 cancer and who had 2-3 weeks to live.

She prayed and found the answer in balancing pH

Start Track 5: 1:24:45

Track 5:


Are you ready for the truth about pH balance

Text message about not being in balance

Text message about good use of cell power with filtered well-water

Text about power lives and transfer stations affecting pH

Call about the cause of all diseases is lack of exercise

Start Track 6: 1:44:04

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