MT COMPOUNDING PHARMACY - Tim & Kathe Calcagno - 2018.05.05 - Show #848


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Track 1:

Introductions to Tim and Kathe Calcgno

Pharmacy vs Compounding Pharmacy

Tim’s journey in compounding

Start Track 2: 21:56

Track 2:

Difference between pharmacy and compounding pharmacy

Rainforest abuse

Creating a need & fulfilling a need

Why are there so many side effects

Is Tim still an Alchemist?

He talks with physician

Talk about cholesterol drugs and insurance co-pays

Start Track 3: 43:07

Track 3:

Kathe’s take on people’s reactions


Kathe explains thermography

Quality Control

Jacobus talks about misdiagnosing thyroid

medications for thyroid and depression

T3 + T4 - porcine

ratio T4 = 34 mg

T3 = 9 mg

Start Track 4: 1:04:49

Track 4:

Discussion about Thyroid



Low-dose Naltrexone (4.5 mg)

For alcoholics

autoimmune diseases (early 70’s)

Explaining autoimmunity

Leaky Gut - naltrexone

What worries Tim - OVERUSE

Start Track 5: 1:22:31

Track 5:

What do I look for in Compounding Pharmacy

active ingredients

specific strengths

Big call discussion

Start Track 6: 1:43:00

Track 6:

text about digestion

Call about magnesium glycerinate

low dose naltrexone

hormone creams in the fatty tissue

— slow release

Old product we’re using for pet’s/animals

pulmonary hypertension (Viagra)

Hormones Discussion

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