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Greetings earthling, or should I say—sup loser? You may be wondering who the f** this is and why is she calling me a loser? Also why is she right for calling me a loser? It’s because you’ve let yourself go, that’s why. You’ve been stuck in negative thought loops, driving yourself crazy with dread and angst about your future, your past, and god knows everything else in between, and you fail to realize how amazing it is to just be present. You’ve forgotten how incredibly wonderful it is to be you. Well, I’m here to send you a divine message. It’s time to put these undeserving behaviors behind us. Yes, in you and me. You see, everything I talk about in this series I'd like to think of it as the advice that I don’t take. But it’s time I take my own advice, and I think you should too. I’m not here to tell you things that you don’t already know, or provide you with answers you can’t already find within yourself. I’m just here to heal, to self actualize, and to say what’s on my mind. I’m ready to speak my truth so loudly that the earth give my generation—you guys— a safe space to understand why we feel everything so deeply, and how we can heal from what happened outside of us, by looking within. So get in loser. We have a lot of work to do: it’s time to fix our generation.

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