Bari Mitzmann: Don't Judge an Influencer by their Instagram Page


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Today I really got to unpack the life of an influencer. I, myself, see influencers on social media and immediately make assumptions about them. I think what's so cool about Bari is that she is so open and honest with her struggles. She also knows how to share a lot about her personal life with boundaries.

I appreciated the stories Bari told about going through her illness, what other's had to say about her weight- as if it was her choice and how people glorified her weight loss while really glorifying illness.

It wasn't just her choice to share about her illness that inspired me. I wanted to delve deeper into her decision to openly share about her struggle with her relationship to money. I think a lot of us underestimate our worth and this shows up in our relationship to money.

This conversation covered so many of these important topics and it was also really fun.

I hope you enjoy!

A bit about Bari:

Bari Mitzmann often has her hands full. She is a popular social media influencer, a podcast host, a social media consultant and the founder and CEO of a nonprofit geared toward providing women struggling to connect to Judaism and its holidays with practical inspiration to help ignite their spark. She also has just released IBA, the Instagram Business Academy, where she educates business owners and talented social users on organic social media strategy to profit off of the free marketing opportunities instagram has to offer. All but 29 years of age, Bari has accomplished a lot. Don’t let her professional photos fool you, behind that smile is a story of struggle, sickness and overcoming obstacles.

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