E44 B2C Interview w:- John Cook - Owner of Stylz Hairdesigners


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This Clinic Growth Sprints guest interview is with John Cook, owner of the extraordinarily successful Stylz Hairdesigners chain of salons, and it’s a short masterclass in running your business. It’s also an insight into the once-in a lifetime business opportunities that are available, if you know where to look.

Neil and John cover the importance of running your business with a clear understanding of what it costs to operate your business and knowing what’s lefts over. John also stresses the necessity of running your business at a profit (that is, if you want to stay in business).

John has multiple salons across Westfield Shopping Centres, and he openly shares his approach to managing the ever-increasing rents of large centres. His knowledge, wisdom and advice are priceless.

The conversation concludes with John highlighting a unique once in a lifetime opportunity – where you can start a salon with close to zero entry costs.

In this episode you’ll learn

  • Insider tips from a hair salon industry expert
  • The importance of knowing how much is left after the running costs are paid
  • Keeping your eye on profit and understand your costs
  • Hidden opportunities that are out there

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