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GGACP celebrates the 25th anniversary of the original "Men in Black" (released July 2, 1997) with this ENCORE of a hilarious, uncensored 2020 conversation with award-winning director and producer BARRY SONNENFELD. In this episode, Barry talks about directing temperamental actors, distrusting optimism, respecting movie audiences, helming "The Addams Family" and "Get Shorty" and writing his bestselling memoir, "Barry Sonnenfeld, Call Your Mother." Also, George C. Scott pushes the envelope, Gene Hackman grows a goatee, Barry and Larry David compare neuroses and Michael Jackson cameos in "Men in Black II." PLUS: "Throw Momma from the Train"! In praise of Dennis Farina! The obsessiveness of Stanley Kubrick! The many conquests of James Caan! And Barry shares his rules for staging comedy scenes!

(Special thanks to Alan Zweibel and John Murray!)

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