Micky Dolenz Encore


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GGACP remembers producer, director and Monkees co-creator Bob Rafelson with this ENCORE of a 2014 interview with actor and musician Micky Dolenz. In this episode, Micky looks back at “Monkeemania” and his own unlikely journey from 1950’s child star (“Circus Boy”) to 1960’s pop/rock icon. Also, Micky drops in on a “Sgt. Pepper” recording session, makes movies with Jack Nicholson and Frank Zappa (and Bob Rafelson!) and hits the town with fellow “Hollywood Vampires” John Lennon, Keith Moon and Alice Cooper. PLUS: Lon Chaney Jr.! Micky’s mom meets “The Creeper”! The Monkees take on “Faust”! Harry Nilsson quits his day job! And Sgt. Bilko sings “Yesterday”!

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