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GGACP celebrates the 60th birthday (May, 14, 1962) of actor-director Danny Huston (“The Aviator,” “Hitchcock,” “Wonder Woman”) with this ENCORE presentation of a 2019 interview. In this episode, Danny regales Gilbert and Frank with stories about meeting Orson Welles, directing Robert Mitchum, getting inside the heads of big-screen bad guys and growing up with (and working alongside) his legendary father, John Huston. Also, Hal Roach cozies up to Mussolini, Katharine Hepburn makes like Eleanor Roosevelt, George Raft turns down the role of a lifetime and Danny reflects on the career of his grandfather, Oscar-winner Walter Huston. PLUS: “The Other Side of the Wind”! Remembering Robert Evans! The mystery of B. Traven! The punk rock cinema of Bernard Rose! And Danny and Gilbert reenact a scene from “Chinatown”!

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