What’s it going to be? A Global Village “or” Cultural Genocide? - #8/12


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Welcome back to your now Global...American Voice.

This episode, along with nine, ten, eleven, and twelve....are being simulcast in five languages.

English, Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, and French.

Soon....hopefully, more.

Each language-written transcripts, going back to Episode One, are available at the website www.gvv.world in all e-book formats.

That’s www dot G V V dot world. Gvv.world.

Are you able and willing to be a member of One Global Village?

Most of us were not raised to understand the value of standing in cross-cultural solidarity with those who are quote “different” from ourselves....color completely aside.

In 2021 there are only two equally-brilliant types of humans on this beautiful globe.

One. Intellectual Man with his Two-Banana cancer.

And, Two. Cultural Man without this cancer.

Both are brilliant. One...is a better choice.

If you don’t know of the Two-Banana-Cancer....please refer to Episode Eight point zero one published alongside this episode......for a brief and entertaining description of this enemy within.

It is time to choose.....

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