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On a previous episode of Go Time we discussed binary bloat, and how the Go protocol buffer implementation is a big offender. In this episode we dive into the history of protocol buffers and gRPC, then we discuss how the protocol and the implementation can vary and lead to things like binary bloat.

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Show Notes:

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(00:00) - Opener
(00:18) - Sponsor: Square
(01:11) - It's Go Time! (Merch Alert)
(02:01) - Welcoming Akshay
(03:20) - A quick primer on protocol buffers
(06:13) - Who should be using protobufs?
(07:57) - There's always a tradeoff
(09:40) - Like static typing, but for data
(11:01) - Swagger vs protobufs
(16:15) - Building APIs for public consumers
(18:57) - The benefits of binary formats
(21:33) - Let's talk about the gob package
(24:25) - Custom JSON parsers aren't for everyone
(26:01) - Sponsor: FireHydrant
(27:37) - gRPC has entered the chat
(31:59) - Alternative runtimes to gRPC?
(33:08) - People building their own alternatives
(36:41) - gRPC's (Stubby) origin story
(41:19) - A sneak peek at Akshay's new thing
(47:14) - Is gRPC only good for internal comms?
(51:14) - HTTP Trailer
(53:25) - Jon loves XML
(56:37) - Sponsor: Calhoun Black Friday
(57:38) - Who is gRCP for?
(58:50) - It's time for Unpopular Opinions!
(59:18) - Akshay's unpop
(1:03:24) - How is Jon not a multimillionaire?!
(1:04:43) - Johnny's unpop
(1:06:46) - Johnny's shameless plug
(1:08:03) - Akshay fakes it till he makes it
(1:08:47) - Back to Johnny's unpop
(1:09:31) - Are Jon's courses generic enough?
(1:13:52) - Time to Go!
(1:14:09) - Outro

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