EP 50: Ten-Step Guide to Financial Freedom


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In this episode, I'm going solo to talk about my "Ten Step Guide to Financial Freedom" - a short guide in anticipation of my forthcoming book, "Think Simple, Win Big".
The steps include:
- Being realistic and being yourself
- Imposter syndrome
- Setting your income goals
- Budgeting and clearing debts
- Turning up on time
- Delegate to elevate
- Plan your spare time
- Reap the rewards and reinvest
- Surround yourself with good people
- Keep reviewing your goals
Learn more: http://dougbennett.co.uk/your-essential-ten-step-guide-to-financial-freedom
Download Your Ten-Step Guide To Financial Freedom Guide Here:
Doug Bennett can be found here:
Website: http://dougbennett.co.uk/

Email: doug@dougbennett.co.uk

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/FinancialDoug
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