Episode 7 Wise Words


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This week, the crew finishes up the aftermath of the goblin attack on Aeren’s residence. Afterwards, Suzette meets a very peculiar persona and surprises us with very uncharacteristic behavior! Trouble is afoot and let us see how this cat lady gets away from it, if she does… Want more content and keep up with the news? Here’s all the places where you can find us: Facebook: God, Dicks & Puns: A Pathfinder Podcast Twitter: @GodDicksPuns Reddit: r/GodsDicksPuns Email: goddickspuns@gmail.com As always, thank you to Tabletop Audio for the incredibly immersive soundsets! You can find their work on https://tabletopaudio.com/ and even support them on Patreon! The soundsets used in this episode were Middle Earth Dawn and Tavern Music.

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