SORRY A Nation Wide Canadian D&D Adventure Ep 4 : The A-Moosing Race!


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This is episode 4 of “SORRY! A Nation Wide Canadian D&D Adventure”, a 7 episode collaboration between 9 Canadian TTRPG groups. Each episode of SORRY is hosted by a different podcast and can be listened to independently. However, when listened to in order, the episodes reveal a larger story taking place in the land of Albionora. For episode 5, look at the list below and head over to Tabletop Tiddies.

Ep 1 (You Meet in a Snowstorm (With Sam!)) is the first episode where an escort mission ends up to be more than meets the eye. It is hosted by Goblins and Gambles. Find it here ->

Ep 2 (With Rémi!) is all about a grand heist. It is hosted by LEGENDS: A Superhero Story. Find it here ->

Ep 3 is an episode on the high seas. It is hosted by Wonders & Bunders. Find it here ->

Ep 4 (Hey that's us!) is all about a mad max style race. It is hosted by God, Dicks, and Puns. Find it here ->

Ep 5 is a mission that could change the fate of Albionora. It is hosted by Tabletop Tiddies. Find it here ->

Ep 6 is the final chapter of this great story, where everything ends in an epic battle. It is hosted by Not Presently Deceased. Find it here ->

Ep 7 is an interview with some of the DMs, discussing the creation of this collaboration. It is hosted by Tunnel Fission. Find it here ->

For more information on the event visit the website ->

This episode features: Noah from Not presently Deceased (, Emily from LEGENDS A Superhero Story and Tabletop Tiddies ( and, Mike & Mitchell from Wonders & Blunders.

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As always, thank you to for their incredibly immersive soundsets, go check them out and support them on Patreon! The soundsets used in this episode are Ice Dragon, Halfling Festival, Medieval Town, Magic Shoppe, Cry Havoc, Endgame and Metropolis Fanfare.

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