339 - No, New Atheism Didn't Merge with the Far Right


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Ordinarily, we're not the type of show to wade into the Atheist Internet Wars, but we felt it was important to interrupt our Christian Nationalism series to offer a modicum of support to Thomas Smith who has worked his ass off to be as affirming and supportive of "the left" as possible. He was recently attacked (unjustly so, in our humble opinions), so this episode is dedicated to shoring up support for the good works he has done. Patreon supporters get early access to the show, bonus episodes, clips from the cutting room floor, and extended editions of the show! You can find the Godless Rebelution around the Internet at these links: You can also send us hate-mail, show ideas, questions, corrections, whines, and rants at: GodlessRebelution@gmail.com ~ OR ~ Send us a text or leave us a voicemail message at: 330-81-REBEL YOU'RE WELCOME!

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