God's Great Outdoors - Dale Karch and Johnny Karch


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To support this ministry financially, visit: https://www.oneplace.com/donate/136/29 On this week's Trail To Adventure! program, Dale Karch, of 3 Rivers Archery, a traditional archery supply company located in Ashley, Indiana, is joined by his son Johnny. Dale shares with Gerry about how he, his wife Sandy, plus the family came about buying the business. Dale started building custom bows in his garage to sell in their home state of Wisconsin, and others shooting the simple stick and string type bows enjoyed by traditional archers. Discovering that 3 Rivers Archery was for sale, Dale and his wife looked at how they could acquire this business and make it something that the entire family could get involved in. With God’s direction they accomplished this goal. Truly a family affair that’s grown their relationships and is making memories for today and for all eternity, Johnny has now taking over the reins of the business as his parents have passed the baton onto him with their retirement!

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