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To support this ministry financially, visit: https://www.oneplace.com/donate/136/29 On thisTrail To Adventure! traveling to speak at a Game Dinner in Wisconsin, he hooked up with Daryl Christensen. Daryl is a pastGod’s Great OutdoorsBoard of Directors member and spent most of his life in the professional walleye fishing arena. He shares how when the economic crash of 2008 took place, it hit the fishing industry hard. This caused Daryl to move to an early retirement from his profession, going in a different direction. Having been one of Wisconsin’s leading members of the state’s bird watchers, he began doing studies for the Department of Natural Recourses. So, besides getting to speak at Game Dinners, this has opened doors to present the Creator, Jesus Christ to those who enjoy ornithology. The interview also reflects on Daryl’s testimony that is found in a tract carried on God’s Great Outdoors web store titled, From Loser To Winner!

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