God's Great Outdoors - Russ Miller


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To support this ministry financially, visit: https://www.oneplace.com/donate/136/29 On this week’s program, Gerry visits with Russ Millerwho is the founder of the Creation, Evolution Science Ministries. The two talk about the battle that rages over this topic and the scientific facts that point to our Creator God speaking our world and theuniverse into existence as stated in the Bible. Russ guides tours in Arizona’s Grand Canyon and showsfrom the rock and fossil records evidence that backs up what his ministry presents. These adventures arenot only great fun for the family, but certainly groups travel from across the country every year to joinRuss and be a part of these fact-finding trips. Besides this interview’s discussion on Creation and howGod has everything in control, the two talk about the struggles that come to all ministries that stand on theWord of God and refute what world science and opinion has to say. It was during one of these incrediblylow times that Russ Miller asked God to make Himself clear in his mind that he was really doing God’s willin educating and equipping others. Thisinterview shares a time through Russ’s outdoor adventures when God clearly showed His love andsupport for him and his life’s calling.-

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