Shiloh in the City with Native New Yorker Shiloh Frederick


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This weeks guest is, Shiloh Frederick, creator of @shilohinthecity a resource for exploring NYC in a different way (off the beaten path with a New Yorker who’s rediscovering her city and takes everyone along for the ride). Shiloh shares fun history lessons and facts from all the city boroughs (not just Manhattan) and she also makes it so interesting and inviting.

In our lighthearted, yet very informative conversation, Shiloh drops so much insight on NYC, plus 2-3 things to do in each borough. She mentions the attraction that brought her to tears and shares why Staten Island is often forgotten. She’ll also get into food places to explore, facts about NYC you may not want to hear, and her number one tip to Native New Yorkers and those looking to call NYC home.
It’s been a 3 years in the making to have the honor to interview Shiloh and I hope you enjoy our conversation. Be sure to reach out if you have any questions.

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- Shiloh in the City

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