The Body & The Gifts 18: The Gift of Teaching


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The Gift of "Teaching"- didaskon- "instruction, clear explanation" of a doctrine or text. This will be accompanied by a systematic approach and development of a passage or subject while also driving home an application for those who hear.

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Radmacher- "The God-given ability to lay down in systematic order the complete ladder of a doctrine and to apply it incisively and diligently to life. (1 Cor. 12:28-29; Romans 12:7).

  • Employ a logical, systematic approach to Biblical study

  • Heavy emphasis on responsible action in light of what is known

  • Ability to explain things clearly and concisely

  • Summarize, evaluate, or pick out main points in a presentation quickly

  • Set an example in behavior (a model for others)

  • Careful in study

  • Give attention to detail

  • Like to be prepared, to avoid impromptu situations

  • Prefer group settings to one-on-one settings

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