How Teresa Oliver Scaled her Firm into a Highly Lucrative Accounting Advisory Service


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Editor in Chief I read books for a living! Books that are poorly written and requires adept abilities to decipher and re-construct with clear intent, purpose, and direction for the desired audience. Is your book any good? Actively accepting books with the following: 1. Vehicles or shall I say transformers? Did you know that your vehicles transform to money makers or bottom-line breakers? 2. People (Human Capital/Employees) – “People Who Need People” like me to help them figure out why they are “The Luckiest People In The World” 3. E-Money (Credit Cards) given to employees to purchase supplies in the field 4. Physical Cash (Inventory) stored in vehicles and used in the field 5. Paid by project and/or contract You can find these books in section HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical Contracting, Pest Control, Landscaping, Cleaning, Transportation, Logistics, Hauling, Home Repair, Roofing, Gardening Also exploring Hash and Oil & Gas supplier books. Schedule your Free Consultation

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