#11 - Augmented Reality and the Future of eCommerce Advertising w/ Casie Lane Millhouse


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We’re exploring a new frontier in the eCommerce world with this episode! Scott interviews Casie Lane Millhouse, an Innovation and Technology Communicator consulting in the AR/VR space, about augmented reality, what it is, and its current place in the eCommerce landscape.

While Casie believes that AR technology hasn’t hit its tipping point yet, more and more fashion brands are integrating it into their marketing strategy - find out the advantages of researching & investing in this strategy now to help bring your brand into the forefront of eCom advertising.

Equal parts insightful and mind-blowing, this conversation also includes Casie’s walkthrough of the advancements made within the AR space now, the exciting capabilities of augmented reality, and what makes social AR different from web AR. Scott & Casie also discuss a particularly fun & exciting case study of Augmented Reality ads that will pique your interest. You don’t wanna miss this one!
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