Head of State Police Calls Response to Uvalde Shooting an ‘Abject Failure’


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3:05pm: The Biden Blame Game!

3:20pm: Germany will fire up coal plants again in an effort to save natural gas

3:35pm: Guest: Kim Strassel, Potomac Watch columnist for Wall Street Journal edit page & Fox News Contributor.

3:50pm: DNC is slashing prices for a photo w/ Kamala Harris. Tickets for a photo with the VP at the Women's Leadership Forum started at $15,000, but it failed to sell enough tickets & is being postponed. VP's June fundraiser in Cali is charging $5,000 for a photo

4:05pm: Guest: Juan Williams, Fox News Analyst, Columnist for The Hill & author of What the Hell Do you Have to Lose

4:20pm: Harris Teeter, Kroger face backlash for pulling pro-America items after complaints: 'Get woke, go broke'

4:35pm: Uvalde: The Texas Tribune has reviewed law enforcement transcripts and footage that federal and state investigators are examining after the May 24 tragedy.

4:50pm: Kicker Topic: The Supreme Court just struck down a Maine program that does not allow public funds to go to schools that promote religious instruction.

5:05pm: Guest: Kent Strang, the Managing Director for Americans for Prosperity.

5:20pm: Bill Maher: What an Embarrassing Mess at the Washington Post, Huh?

5:35pm: (Replay Kim S)

5:50pm: Remember calling for movie times

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