Heated At The Beach? Biden Scolds Reporter Over Recession Question


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3:05pm: Guest: Brian Riedl, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute

3:20pm: Free school lunch to end

3:35pm: Guest: L.T. General Keith Kellogg (Retired) Fox News Contributor-- Former National Security Adviser To VP Pence, Former Chief Of Staff Of National Security Council In The Trump Admin – author of War by Other Means: A General in the Trump White House 3:50pm: Kicker Topic: Democrats are losing ground with the fastest-growing political bloc: Asian Americans

4:05pm: Texas GOP goes full MAGA

4:20pm: Eric Greitens new ad

4:35pm: Guest: Dr. Marty Makary, Fox News Contributor; Surgeon and A Professor Of Health Policy At The Johns Hopkins School Of Public Health--- Author Of "The Price We Pay: What Broke American Healthcare” @MartyMakary

4:50pm: Kicker Topic: https://www.foxnews.com/sports/fina-backlash-gender-inclusion-policy

5:05pm: Guest: New York Times best-selling author Brad Thor back with his newest book in his Scot Harvath series, Rising Tiger, releasing July 5.

5:20pm: (Brad Thor Continued)

5:35pm: (Replay Keith Kellogg)

5:50pm: Kicker Topic: Guy Benson talks about his Dad’s dream road trip

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