FTX Collapse: 4 red flags that EVERYONE missed


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Episode 17: This week, Rupy explains what happened on his Anti-Meta retreat and how a recent interview with a UX designer made him realise he would like to work as an advisor to startups. Jay discusses how and why visualisation techniques work for him and then breaks down the red flags people should have spotted before the FTX collapse.

What to look forward to:

00:49 Rupy’s Anti-Meta retreat

08:24 Rupy advising new startups

10:23 Visualisation techniques & why it works

14:33 Why knowing what we want will help you succeed

18:47 FTX: what happened?

20:33 The 4 red flags with FTX

30:00 Amit analyzes visualisation techniques


Book: Joe Dispenza - Becoming Supernatural

Book: Dr Tara Swart - The Source

Dr David Hamilton: Why Woo-Woo Works

Humane tech TED talk on humane tech by Tristan Harris

Jay’s recommendation for making your own visualisation movies

Previous guests include:

Reece Chowdhry & Poppy Jamie

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