155 Hormones Part 1, Internal feat. Leslie Kasanoff and Angie Ates


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Hormones: The nemesis of every female on the planet! (And many guys too!) In this 2-episode series, Leslie Kasanoff and Angie Ates, our hosts, discuss the often unrecognized fact that our hormones are the accumulated result of many things we can control.

In the first episode, we delve into the diet and the gut microbiome, their interaction with our hormone production, and some things we can do to gain the upper hand in controlling our hormones.

You can pick up Leslie's "14 Hormone Hacks" or dig in deeper with our “Women's Collection Short Course” here in our “EPIC” library https://library.academyepic.com

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You can find Leslie here: https://www.drlesliek.com/ and Angie here: www.academyEPIC.com

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