Ep 126: Sarah Phillipe, Why Breast Implant Illness Is Skyrocketing


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Episode 126 - Quite a few years ago when I first started helping people with their health I ran into a lovely couple and the wife had some serious health concerns. She started detoxing, juicing, eating living foods and creating an optimal environment for her to heal herself so she could live a happy life. Well, all of what I shared with her did help a great deal but she just couldn’t get back to 100%. That’s when I asked her if she had breast implants and she did. They had been in her breasts for 17 years. I handed her a book by Dr. Susan Kolb called “The Naked Truth About Breast Implants”. She read it and long story short, she got the implants removed and about a year later had a full restoration of her health. I learned then how terrible breast implants are for women and have been on a mission to help women avoid getting them and find a good doc to help them remove them if they already had them. I was very excited to interview Sarah Phillipe who also had implants, got them out and now is helping other women do the same. This is a must share episode for any woman with implants or considering implants.

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To contact Sarah go to: https://reversingbreastimplantillness.com/

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