Heather Sandison ND: A Place Where Alzheimer's Patients Get Better


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021-There are now programs that can stop and reverse the progression of Alzheimer's disease. What can we learn about how to prevent the disease from these programs?

Dr. Heather Sandison is the founder and medical director of North County natural medicine, and the founder of Marama. Marama provides the space, food, staff, amenities, and experience to implement the lifestyle changes necessary for Alzheimr's patients to return to independent living. Dr. Sandison has been trained to specifically address imbalances that affect the brain including autism, depression, anxiety and Alzheimer's. She has trained with Dr. Dale Bredesen, Dr. Neil Nathan, and Dr. Richie Shoemaker. She earned her naturopathic doctorate at Bestir University in Seattle, Washington. She currently serves on the Medical Advisory Board of the Neuro Hacker Collective and as a regular host of the Collective Insights Podcast.

Heather Sandison 1:55 Education and early experiences

Heather Sandison 6:54 Overall view of Alzheimer’s disease

Heather Sandison 17:27 Challenges to drug therapy for Alzheimer’s disease

Heather Sandison 22:16 Cognitive impairment as a late finding in Alzheimer’s disease

Heather Sandison 23:49 Clinical trial to evaluate response of patients

Heather Sandison 28:13 Patient experience at Marama

Heather Sandison 31:13 Prevention strategies

Heather Sandison 37:47 Education for caregivers

Heather Sandison 42:46 Personal lifestyle choices



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